After 15 years of being an Energy Practitioner and teaching Reiki and other healing modalities, I have learned that there are 3 qualities that I feel is important to teach my students, Netty being one of them. First is to know that you are a pure channel for Universal Energy and that the healing comes from within your client. All Ego must be put aside. Second, you need to come from a place of love and compassion for every client and for self. The bigger the heart, the more Universal Energy can come through. Third, to persevere on your own personal journey as you continue to heal yourself from within. These are the qualities that I see in Netty. She is that clear channel and she perseveres in her life’s journey while healing herself. And the love and compassion that emanates from her will assist her to help her clients heal from within.

Denise Neveux

Blue Heron Healing Tidewater
Certified Reiki Master Teacher
Certified Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master
Esoteric Healing Practitioner
This amazing soul could be discussing the produce at the market and still connect with another person. Her entire being is energy, every part from her eyes, heart, smile, and soul, all of it. Her words are so honest and true that it strikes something within you, even if you don’t know exactly what. In the 10 weeks I worked with her my direction and path have become clearer, I find as much joy in our time as I do when I go for a walk on the beach or a hike in the mountains. I find myself completely at peace and motivated after every session, it’s a consistent building that when you look back you are amazed, yet sad because all good things must come to at least a temporary end. My closing thought is when the time is done, savor it, reflect on it, and feel gratitude for the time invested.

Kyle R.

Atkinson, IL

I have been working with Netty for a few weeks and my life has already changed drastically. I’ve struggled literally all of my life from a childhood trauma and debilitating anxiety, depression, and addictive behaviors…I am “successful” but I’ve never felt happy because my struggles kept me awake every night and would come out sometimes in the form of panic attack or flashbacks when I didn’t need them to..I had guilt about being alive at some points….medicine and traditional therapy was done for as long as I can remember but it never seemed to help..I was always so reactive..after one session of reiki, I noticed a difference…after 2 sessions, I saw a vast shift in consciousness and just not wanting to even partake in behaviors that like I used to and zero panic attacks without medication.

Things have happened too..I’m just handling them differently and with love…She teaches many things that I once thought were impossible for me to do and her intuition is spot on for me. It has already helped me in my personal life and businesses so I can continue to help others..I’m a better mother, lover, and leader…I truly believe that Netty’s practices have been a gift sent from the universe and I cannot wait to continue this journey that’s in store. There’s still a lot of healing for me and I’m excited!

Truly incredible and believe me, everyone around me has noticed that I’m healing. Something that doctors told me was impossible. I know it’s only been a few weeks but seriously, thank you Netty!

Julie H.

Frisco, Texas

I had a great session with Netty Nellis. She is not only extremely precessional but she truly cares about you and wants to help you on your journey. She helped me help myself begin to work through what I needed to for myself. I left the session with a sense of clarity on what I needed to do. I can’t recommend her enough. Go see her and have a conversation!!

Spencer D.

Dallas, TX
Hi!!! If any of you are experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD, MST, or any other mental health issue I highly recommend reaching out to our fellow Veteran at Tru Yu LLC. Highly Recommended!!!!!! I recently had a session and it was sooooo amazing. Netty is great at what she does and she will guide you the whole time. I love her attention to detail, compassion, and empathy. Netty is authentic and genuinely cares. She cleared a lot of energy/blockages for me and provided great clarity. I feel so much better and lighter. I feel understood and cared for. Will definitely book again!!!

Sheena M.

Dallas, TX
Working with Netty has been one of the best experiences of my life. Every time she does a session, whether it’s Reiki or water dowsing, I always feel in sync with my body, mind, and soul. I feel like Neo after he can see the world for what it is, energy.

Raul E.

Keller, TX

A great friend helped our family when we needed her, myself both personally and professionally. She’s one of a kind healer/mentor with a gift. Your determination and Netty Nellis, will help you find your life’s purpose.

Laura T.

Valley Lee, MD

Netty is a naturally gifted and intuitive healer who combines her talents with her diverse background of education, military training, and life experience. She is able to intertwine the use of Reiki and her intuitive gifts to find the root of your soul’s challenges and life lessons.

Sherry P.

Centerville, UT

Netty has a special gift and intuition that is vital towards healing and helping you find your Tru Yu. Where traditional therapists fall short she is there to help you pick up the pieces and rebuild your heart and mind back to a place of peace. She is able to do this with patience and persistence to help you guide yourself to your own self realizations and self determination. She is able to speak in terms that veterans can understand because she has been there and worked alongside combat veterans, as one herself, for years.
I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking alternative and holistic therapy.

Joe G.

Ft Worth, TX

Netty is an amazing person who has orchestrated her own transformation. If she can do it for herself, she can do it for you! Netty understands that we all have different needs and obstacles and is very sensitive to providing individualized assistance.

Jayene P.

Richardson, TX

Absolutely recommend Tru Yu! Netty at Tru Yu achieved amazing results for my family! Netty’s insight & skill with tackling the craziest of situations and ability to fix everything is beyond comparison. I tell everyone who needs someone in their corner to guide them and fight for them—Netty at Tru Yu is the one to contact. Thank you Netty!

Jack M.

Yorktown, VA

Netty is a warm, spiritual, energy healing Guru. You will not find a more caring knowledgeable Energy Healer than Netty. My veteran friends, I encourage you to open your mind and invite Netty to help you heal mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. She can help steer you on the right path to health, happiness and meaning in your life again. Let her help you bring out the Tru Yu in you and help calm the warrior within.

Steve M.

Navarre, FL

I have been plagued with chronic knee pain for the past 20 years. Two surgeries, therapy, swelling, soreness and discomfort. GONE! Thank you Netty!

Mike F.

St Inigoes, MD
Netty’s knowledge and empathy for others is amazing. It really shows in her work. She has helped me so much to work through my anxiety’s. Highly recommend seeing her she is a wonderful person.

Kristal L.

Bushwood, MD

Netty is a warm, spiritual, energy healing Guru. You will not find a more caring knowledgeable Energy Healer than Netty. 

Heather G.

Carrollton, TX