Ambil Shamanic Journey Session

“Tobacco nourishes spiritual life, both the human spirit and the spirits of nature and the hierarchy of the superior world” – Takiwasi – Click Here to ask about additional plant medicine treatment options and education.

Ambil is a form of raw, pure tobacco which can be made into a powder, liquid, paste, jelly, or syrup. Traditionally, fresh green tobacco leaves are cooked and rendered down for 12 – 20 hours in fresh water with a proprietary mixture of other master plants, vegetable/aquatic salt, and ash are utilized as activators. ***There are no chemicals in Ambil*** Ambil is a masculine energy representing Father or “Creator” and oftentimes taken with Mambe’ “Mother Earth” a feminine energy forming a Sacred Union. Ambil is very strong, intense, and a powerful sacred medicine. Respect for this master plant medicine is always a requirement. Whenever there is a request for guidance, advice, ceremonies or taking from the plant/animal/or spirit world, gratitude is always offered first.

Meaning: Ambil means in English translation to: Take, Fetch, Take Off. Native (mostly) to south and north American indigenous cultures. (I provide Ambil sourced directly from Peru).

Benefits: Realign Chakras, Grounds Emotionally/Mentally, Encourages Positivity and Insightful Conversation, Connects with Spirit, Cleanser, Pain Reliever, Clears Negative Thoughts, Enhance Lucid Dreaming, Calming Effects, etc…

Method:  Ambil is dabbed with a finger or removing a small amount with a spatula and rubbing it on the teeth, gums, or tongue. Hold Ambil as long as possible in the mouth with minimal splitting or flem purging.  Although consumed alone, ambil is sometimes ingested simultaneously with other shaman/snuff practices.
Pricing: $400 per session (in person)

Holiday Energy Healing Bundle

“The TRU pursuit of life begins with healing, happiness, and health” – NN.

Give the gift that can change someone’s everything.  Here is what is included in this Holiday Energy Healing Bundle:

  • Intuitive Mentor Session – $125
  • Mass Energy Clearing (Shaman Work) – $170
  • Reiki Energy Healing (Traditional) – $145
  • Intuitive Mentor Session – $60

Total Value $605, Total Cost $500

Pricing: $500 (in person or distant)
Offer Expires: Dec 31st, 2021
Redeemable: March 31st, 2022

Reiki Energy Healing Session

“Let your leaves die. Let your branches grow and break. Let your roots always connect, ground and be your strength” – NN. 

Reiki is a guided flow of life force energy (reiki) through light touch of a certified reiki practitioner or Master. Those providing reiki Energy Healing are not doing the actual healing but acting as a vessel, channel or conduit for reiki recipients to receive the energy wherever it needs to go. Reiki is taught and practiced in accordance with Japanese tradition of “Sensei” (Teacher) via student attunement and initiation ceremony that is thought to open energy channels – to facilitate the flow of healing energy.

Meaning: “Rei” – Universal/Source/Higher Intelligence/All-Knowing “Ki” – Non-Physical Energy/Life Force/Flow within all living things.

Benefits: strengthens energy flow (physical/non-physical), removes negative attachments and blockages, aligns mind, body, and spirit, resets vibrational frequencies, helps with inharmonious thoughts, emotional and physical reprogramming, aids in organ visceral manipulation, Chakra Balance, reduces stress and anxiety, promotes relaxation and better digestion, pain reducer (especially after surgery), bridges thought and clarity, expands and heals auras, etc…

Method: Hands On light touch or Distant by proxy method.

Pricing: $170 per session (in person or distant)

Intuitive Mentoring Session

“Mastering Others is Strength, Mastering Yourself is Pure Power” – NN. (paraphrase from Lao Tzu)

Unlike life coaching, intuitive mentoring is a process where I utilize spirit guides with an energetic approach. During an intuitive mentoring session, the client learns how to tap into their intuition for the purpose of higher self-healing and universal self-awareness. Mentoring is all about shared experiences from mentor to client. In doing so, a better understanding about mindfulness, life approach, spiritual growth, decision making, etc… are all higher vibrational goals and outcomes.

Benefits: supports intuition sensing, calms heart, clears mind, strengthens energy flow (physical/non-physical), aligns mind, body, and spirit, build positive coping skills, helps with inharmonious thoughts and actions, emotional and physical reprogramming, reduces stress and anxiety, promotes relaxation, bridges thought and clarity, expands and heals energy field, etc…

Pricing: $150 (in person or distant)

Personal or Space Clearing

“Releasing energy which no longer serves a positive purpose is the key to happiness, health, and prosperity” – NN.

Energy can come in many forms and can affect our natural flow in various ways. You might move into a new living or work space and just feel like something is not right. Grumpy for no reason or perhaps feel like you are constantly being watched. Learning how to avoid energetic vulnerabilities is key to your protection.  Personal or Space clearings are an interictal part of energy healing work and is a practice passed down through the fabric of energy healer lineage no matter the culture or belief system.

Method: Personal or Space Clearings can be performed in person or face-to-face utilizing a combination of mastered techniques spanning from Dowsing, Shamanism, Reiki Protection, Angel Work, Vibration Attunement, etc…   

Benefits: Harmonious living environment, aids in plant growth, fewer invasive inspects, promotes better sleep, smoother life transitions, positive communication flow (3 dimensional), mood stability, increased home/property damage protection, decreased illnesses, find focus and clarity, worry less, live more in the present, attract abundance, prosperity flow directionally upward, etc… The possibilities are endless…

Mass Energy Clearing – $300
Space Clearing – $100 Retainer fee and full payment after assessment of needed service. (in person or distant)

Dowsing and Water Clearing Session

“I am a firm believer that everyone deserves pure drinking water. Water is life which flows through the veins of every living thing” – NN.

Dowsing “Doodlebugging” is the general practice of using a forked stick, pendulum, copper rod, or similar device to locate underground water, minerals, or other hidden or lost substances via energy (specific vibrations, frequencies, and magnetic poles). Combining energetic intent with what already exists, dowsing is a simple/natural tool that enables amplification of what is already perceived, but has not been paid much attention to beforehand.  It is a handle or hook on the abstract world of feeling, intuition, the beyond, energetic poles, ancient, lost, and sacred knowledge. A form is divination.

***Note that Dowsing and Water Clearing is subject to eons of scientific criticism.***

Method: Pendulum and Copper Rods

Benefits: personal clearing of energy, water purification, identifies hazardous food to the human body, helps to find underlying water supplies, increased focused intent and intuition, goal attainment, increases connection with higher self and spirit world, lost object finding, answers to life’s questions, etc… 

Pricing: $180 per personal/water session (in person or distant)