Trusted Energetic Resources

Energetic Practitioners

Jamie Panizza-Kimball
Integration & Life Coach –  Eclectic approach to trauma and grief/loss healing.

Alpha Align v2

Alpha Algin
Dr.Lauren Krutulis BCND, D.A. – Aligning mind, body, and spirit via AlphaBiotics, Naturopathy, Detox and Practitioner Grade Supplements.

Ann Andrews
The Akashic Records are the etheric written stories of each soul. Containing everything the soul has ever thought, said, and done over the course of its existence. As well as the ever- changing possibilities and potentials for the future.

Melissa May
Empowerment with integrity and passion through Kambo medicine.

Craig Thoreson, Energy Practitioner & 9D Breathwork Facilitator – Changing your frequency one vibration at a time!

Energetic Resources

Rising Consciousness Community
Plant Medicine Conferences & Microdosing Courses/Education.

Energetic Products

New Age Imports, INC
Imports & Wholesale Distributors of indian Handcrafts.

Sacred Flows
Visionary Art & Shamanic Tools.

Sacred Snuff
Blessings from Jungle (Sacha) plant medicine products and applicators.

Original Botanica
Spiritual Gift and Supply Store.

Four Visions Marketplace
Beyond Fair Trade Indigenous Products

Retreats and Travel

IbogaSoul guides the integration of your physical and spiritual self – via Traditional Medicine Iboga. Iboga is a sacrament, medicine, and teacher of the Bwiti tribe of Gabon and surrounding West African nations.

Agape Church
Provides safe and traditional sacred ceremonial experiences focusing on rekindling the spirit within. Aligning Mind, Body, and Spirit with Father Creator and Mother Nature with a dualistic understanding of openness and harmony.

A traveller who wants to give back to the communities and places they visit. Open to helping hosts and using the experience to learn and immerse in the local culture.

Veterans Only

The Mission Within
Process, Treatment, and Studies of Veterans and plant medicine healing journeys.

Vet Solutions
Ending veteran suicide by providing resources, education, and plant medicine therapies.

Merging Vets & Players
(Vets & Pro Athletes) 
Supporting Our Heroes for Some, The Biggest Battle Begins after the war or the game is over.