"travel the path least expected

In Order To Find Your TRU YU"

What Is TRU YU

Tru Yu LLC is a myriad of services utilizing Intuition, Positive Psychology, Dowsing Techniques, Mindfulness and Language Reforming, Color Vibrational Awareness, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), Alchemy/Essential Oils, Grief Recognition/Acceptance, Japanese Traditional Reiki Healing to name a few resources of curiosity.

Tru Yu LLC offers one-on-one healing/energy mentoring sessions or a designed individualized transformational program (3-5 months) where I teach you the art of energy healing for the greater good of your higher self.

You (as the client) come first and it would be my honor to guide, help, and serve you down the road of “Never Again and I Can Do and Be Anything I Want To Be.” It is my job to get you there with a little assistance from above.

No matter your life situation, I can help facilitate your healing and transformational journey to an investment in your future happiness and health mentally/physically/emotionally/spiritually by learning energy healing techniques through my life’s work, skill-set, experiences, and above all kind and caring heart.

Although Tru Yu LLC caters to women, active duty military members, veterans, and first-responders; Tru Yu LLC welcomes all into the fold.

Are you ready to invest in yourself for amazing and life changing results?

About Netty Nellis

I am a native of both Utah and Texas. Growing up, I always knew there was something different about my energy. I would cry at the sight of an injured animal. I would be drawn to certain people and places without reasoning. Death was a normal fascination and universal knowledge was the oyster of my curiosity.

My professional and educational background is well diverse and unexpected. I served 10.5 years in the United States Air Force as a Supply Craftsman and Combat Search and Rescue Flight Engineer aboard the HH-60g, Pave Hawk helicopter. I worked in the funeral industry, and currently advocate for invisible wounded warriors and veterans without a voice.

I have a passion for helping others who are in need of finding their life purpose and path least traveled. In doing so, I have cultivated a unique knowledge base and skill-set related to the art of energy healing, dowsing, and spiritually. “I believe every living thing is created from energy and has the ability to self heal. With a little support, guidance, knowledge, and a giant helping of desire and determination, you shall become your Tru Yu” – NN. 

In The Press

I am a firm believer that the heroes of today’s active duty military members, yesterday’s combat veterans, and tomorrow’s first responders have the power to heal themselves after a lifetime of service and sacrifice.

Those who serve in any capacity deserve to truly live, be happy, healthy, and be served. Women among all deserve to value and love themselves no matter how much someone has dulled their shine.

I served in the United States Air Force because we are all worth it. I serve in a different capacity now because we are all still worth it. Energy work saved my life and it can save yours.

Staff Sgt. Annette Nellis, 41st Rescue Squadron flight engineer, performs a preflight inspection on the tail rotor of an HH-60G Pave hawk. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Gina Chiaverotti)

The 3rd Psychedelic Revolution has started and we are in the infant stages of this upswell of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energy that is arriving on the shores of humanity with the ferocity of a Tsunami.

The Psychedelic-Revolution Podcast is brought to you by the Rising Consciousness Community.

Featuring our the amazing members from our community who share their personal insights on this revolution.  The goal of the podcast is to educate our listeners on the salient issues confronting the Psychedelic space.

My role is not to have the answers, but to know the women and men that do have answers.  Fortunately, I do know so many of the amazing leaders working hard to transform the World through the use of Plant Medicine.

Services with a Twist

Modern Warrior Woman High Value Transformation Program – This program helps heal the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual trauma through teachings of energy work, mindfulness, language, attire, lifestyle fine tuning, etc., in order to become the best version of oneself, find happiness, prosperity, and love yourself again.

From Military to Mindfulness High Value Transformation Program – This program helps those who have served in uniform heal the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual trauma of military life through teachings of energy work, mindfulness, language, attire, civilian life mentoring. grief advising, etc., in order to become the best version of oneself, allowing to feel again, love who you are, and transition into civilian life facing forward and confident.

Energy Dowsing Training Program – Dowsing “Doodlebugging” is the general practice of using a forked stick, pendulum, copper rod, or similar device to locate underground water, minerals, or other hidden or lost substances via energy (specific vibrations, frequencies, and magnetic poles).



After 15 years of being an Energy Practitioner and teaching Reiki and other healing modalities, I have learned that there are 3 qualities that I feel is important to teach my students, Netty being one of them. First is to know that you are a pure channel for Universal Energy and that the healing comes from within your client. All Ego must be put aside. Second, you need to come from a place of love and compassion for every client and for self. The bigger the heart, the more Universal Energy can come through. Third, to persevere on your own personal journey as you continue to heal yourself from within. These are the qualities that I see in Netty. She is that clear channel and she perseveres in her life’s journey while healing herself. And the love and compassion that emanates from her will assist her to help her clients heal from within.

Denise Neveux

Blue Heron Healing Tidewater
Certified Reiki Master Teacher
Certified Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master
Esoteric Healing Practitioner


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"travel the path least expected

In Order To Find Your TRU YU"